Meet Our Staff

Pastor Ron and Marie Jones

Senior Pastor Ron and Marie Jones have been married for 46 years and have been in the ministry for 44 years. They have pastored six churches and have faithfully led Victory World Outreach for over 35 years! They moved to Colorado Springs in 1978 with three kids and one on the way. Then they took a group of young people, mostly hippies, and challenged them to turn the world upside down with the Gospel. Today, Pastor and Marie oversee many churches in the United States and around the world.






Pastor Paul and Emily Jones

Pastor Paul and Emily currently serve as the assistant pastors in Victory World Outreach. They have 3 children Alainna, Evan, and Reese (Reese was adopted from India in 2005 by the grace of God!). Together they have pastored for over 20 years having pioneered two different works, both of which are still alive and running. In 1998 they began a church in Greeley, Colorado. This church has seen hundreds saved in the past 10 years! In 2004 they were sent to Nairobi, Kenya, E. Africa with their 2 children to pioneer a church overseas. While this church has seen many trials it is stable and growing every week (View the latest issue of the Victory Voice for recent information on the Nairobi church.)! After 8 years spent in pioneering, Pastor Paul and his family have returned to Colorado Springs to serve as the assistant pastors.

Pastor Richard and Cherise Marshall

Pastor Richard and Cherise Marshall serve as the Breakaway ministers. They have been married for 25 years and have been pastoring for over 18 years. Since 1997 they have led Breakaway, an alternative drug and alcohol program. This ministry has seen thousands saved and hundreds set free from the power of addictions! Pastor Marshall and his family have been a tremendous blessing to this church since they walked through the doors in 1985! While serving in Colorado Springs they also visit fellowship churches all around the world doing revivals and sharing our vision throughout!




Pastor Dustin & Rachelle Jones

Pastor Dustin and Rachelle have two daughters Sarah and Meg. In 2001 Pastor Dustin & Rachelle moved to Costa Rica with a desire to learn Spanish. During their schooling they fell in love with the country and began a church. The church that they began is continually thriving! They are now heading up the Marriage Ministry in our home church and encouraging new and seasoned couples to thrive together. 


Chad & Marie Purvis

Chad and Marie Purvis currently serve as the Oneighty Youth directors. They have two children, Kate and Casey. Both Chad and Marie have been involved in church ministries for many years. They served most recently as assistants in the Life Changers ministry and also have the experience of pastoring a pioneer work.  They have taken over the Oneighty Youth ministry with alot of enthusiasm and they look forward to working with your teens! They clearly have a genuine vision for this generation and with God’s help are transferring that into the youth!